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Stucco Italiano manufactures and supplies the finest Italian plasters and decorative paints. Among our wide range of Italian stuccos, you’ll find natural Venetian Plasters and Terrazzo floors. Additionally, a unique feature of the company is its broad choice of natural eco-friendly plasters. Finally, Stucco Italiano also offers selected tools for the application of Venetian stucco, as well as many decorative additives for walls and floors.

Italian Plasters for Walls - Featured

  • Marmorino Venetian Plaster

    In Italy, Marmorino Venetian plaster has always been considered the most refined decorative Italian stucco. It is made of natural lime and ground marbles, and has a polished look. Besides, it is also the plaster used to create faux marble finishes. Today, with the help of the latest technology, Stucco Italiano can offer you three Venetian Plasters with outstanding technical features. For example, they offer perfect bonding and long-lasting durability.

  • Travertino

    Travertino is a traditional Italian plaster, dating from the Renaissance times. Its notoriety among Italian stuccos is due to its ability to reproduce the appearance of Travertine marble. This is one of the most famous Italian marbles. In recent years, Stucco Italiano has brought the potential of this decorative finish a step forward. In fact, with our additives, you can enrich Travertino with various aesthetics effects.

Italian Plasters Services


Stucco Italiano is an Italian plasters contractor. Indeed, its craftsmen apply Italian stuccos and decorative paints everywhere in the world. Moreover, the company runs Venetian plaster courses in Italy. These are meant for artisans who want to learn how to apply Marmorino and other decorative stuccos from the best in the field. Finally, it also provides worksite assistance in the application of decorative plasters and paints.

Italian Plasters for Floors - Featured

  • Pastellone Floor

    Also know as microcement, Pastellone is a Venetian plaster for floors. Among all the Italian plasters for floors, it distinguishes itself for its aesthetics, which retains the elegance of antique Marmorino. Recently, Stucco Italiano has put a lot of effort to obtain a material that complies with the demands of modern-day living. At last, Stucco Italiano’s Pastellone is among the most durable natural finishes for seamless floors.

  • Magnesite Terrazzo and Marble chips

    Magnesite is the new thin solution for the classical Venetian Terrazzo, a renowned Italian plaster for floors. This is a historical material that lost its interest with the arrival of cement. Today, Magnesite is drawing new attention because it is exceptionally hard and eco-friendly. Moreover, with it, you can obtain a Venetian Terrazzo floor with a thickness of only 1 cm. Because of these qualities, Magnesite is on its way to becoming the most fashionable among Italian stuccos.

Premium Quality Italian Stuccos

Stucco Italiano is based in the Region of Venice, birthplace of Italian craftsmanship and center of historical architecture. Indeed, our mission is to spread the finest artistic tradition in Italian plasters. In order to guarantee the authenticity of our Italian stuccos, we manufacture all our products in our headquarters in Vicenza. Thus, all our plastering products are made in Italy certified. Moreover, the production path is controlled in all its steps by a technician committed to this work. Ultimately, the high level of quality of our products is also obtained thanks to the best raw materials, which are all of Italian origins.

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