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Stucco Italiano manufactures and supplies fine decorative finishes for interior and exterior walls and floors. Based in the Region of Venice, center of Italian craftsmanship and architecture, Stucco Italiano is specialized in traditional lime-based plasters, such as Marmorino Venetian Plasters, Travertino, and Intonachino.

Since 1999 Stucco Italiano is specialized in the production of decorative finishes for walls and floors. Over the years we have developed a wide range of ecological materials, some of them exclusive of Stucco Italiano.

Today we export in over 30 countries, where we are known for the quality of the products and for the support and training we offer to our clients. Stucco Italiano’s materials retain artisanal connotations: we use raw materials of Italian origin, and we are the only company in the sector that has kept the ancient tradition of producing its own lime.

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We are Italian stucco manufacturers

We manufacture and supply a constantly expanding line of lime-based plasters for decorative finishes, both for walls and floors. Most of our products sink their roots in the long-lasting Italian tradition of building surface finishes. Indeed, our products catalog ranges from natural Venetian plasters to ancient Travertino and Pastellone. Alongside, we also produce decorative acrylic-based paints for all types of environments and styles. Finally, we supply application tools and decorative additives for our plasters and paints.

Our mission

Initially, Stucco Italiano’s primary goal was the dissemination of the art of Marmorino and of traditional Italian plasters. Today, the use of Venetian plasters has proliferated around the world. The fashionable trend of using these materials has encouraged the production of poor imitations and incorrect application procedures. Thus, as a stucco manufacturer and Venetian plaster supplier, Stucco Italiano’s objective is to provide authentic materials and appropriate training to the professional. Our Italian plasters are made according to traditional recipes. Venetian plasters’ natural ingredients respect the environment and convey to the finish its authentic beauty and long-lasting life.

An Artisanal Product

Stucco Italiano distinguishes itself among other Italian stucco manufacturers and Venetian plaster suppliers in virtue of the artisanship nature of its trade.  Indeed, the members of our company concerned with the development and testing of the materials are plaster artisans themselves. This gives them deeper know-how on the quality of the materials, and a comprehensive understanding of the production cycle.

Also our products retain most of the original artisanal connotations: we use raw materials of Italian origin, and we are the only company in the sector that has maintained the ancient tradition of producing its own lime.

Made in Italy, for the World

Stucco Italiano is a stucco manufacturer and Venetian plaster supplier based in the Region of Venice, birthplace of Italian craftsmanship, and center of historical architecture. All our products are made in Italy. The quality of Stucco Italiano’s materials is achieved thanks to the best raw materials, which are all of Italian origin. The finest marbles, like the Carrara marble or the lime, are seasoned almost one year, in order to obtain the refined stuccoes of the Italian tradition. Ultimately, Stucco Italiano’s mission is to offer authentic, top-notch quality Italian materials to the rest of the world. Since the company foundation, 95% of the material produced is exported abroad.


In order to realize beautiful surface finishes that will last, we must follow accurate application methods. For this reason, teaching the art of Venetian Plaster has always been a paramount commitment for the members of Stucco Italiano. Indeed, we are not only stucco manufacturers but also dedicated teachers. Our master craftsmen have taught at the Scuola di Restauro of Vicenza and had a ten-year contract with the Hamlet School of Hillerød in Denmark. Furthermore, we have given plastering courses in other schools in Denmark (Rann) and in Great Britain (Goldtrowel training Center in England and in Walles). Venetian and Italian plasters courses take place regularly at our school in Italy. Furthermore, we provide free plastering courses at the offices of our clients and Venetian plaster suppliers.

Designed for the Professional

When designing our products, we give priority to the simplicity of application and to the versatility of the material, which gives the artisan the chance to create special and new effects.
To leave to each craftsman creative freedom, we provide our plasters and paints as base materials, and the craftsman him/herself can choose among a wide range of additives for different effects. Most of the materials come in Natural White, and all of them can be coloured in all the 132 colours of our palettes, or of any popular colour chart.

Our History

Stucco Italiano was established in the 90s by Maestro Giovanni Polistena, who has been an Italian stucco artisan for over 40 years. He started his career at the young age of 22. At the time, his passion for Venetian plasters led him to knead lime according to traditional recipes, when no paint shop was providing this service. Soon later, he began working abroad, applying Marmorino Venetian plasters and teaching others the art of their application. Ultimately, he decided to combine his experience with that of his friends, artisans and producers of lime-based materials. Thus, from this synergy, Stucco Italiano was launched. Today, Stucco Italiano is among the most renowned Stucco manufacturers and Venetian plaster suppliers in Italy.

With you, wherever you are

With distributors and certified installers in over 30 countries, Stucco Italiano is rapidly expanding its presence in the world. Stucco Italiano offers continuous assistance to its distributors. This comprises free training, visits to the client’s premises, and the creation of bespoke materials.

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Public benefits received


  • Covid-19 emergency fund: contributo art. 25 dl n. 34 d, for the amount of Euros 10,793.00, received on 03/07/2020


  • ISI INAIL 2018 grant: mand. n. 52947- 1 15000-2021-isi-1, for the amount of Euros 40,300.00, received on 28/06/2021

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