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Stucco Italiano's History

Maestro Giovanni Polistena

Stucco Italiano was established in the late 90s by Maestro Giovanni Polistena, who has been an Italian stucco artisan for over 40 years. His specialization is the production and application of Stucco Marmorino Veneziano as well as of other lime-based products.
He started his business in the Region of Venice, the cradle of Italian craftsmanship and the center of Italian architecture. Soon later, he began working abroad, applying Stucco Marmorino and teaching others the art of its application.

In the 90s he decided to combine his experience with that of his friends, artisans and producers of lime-based materials, and from this synergy, Stucco Italiano was launched.


Dissemination of authentic Marmorino

Initially, Stucco Italiano’s primary goals have been the dissemination of stuccos and of its original application techniques.
Now that the use of Venetian stuccos has proliferated around the world, this fashionable trend of using Italian stuccos has encouraged the production of poor imitations and incorrect application procedures. Stucco Italiano’s primary objective is therefore to provide proper material and training for the professional, as well as to apply polished plasters and other material around the world. Our products are made according to traditional recipes and techniques that respect the environment and give to the finish its authentic beauty and long-lasting life.


To realize durable and beautiful finishes, Marmorino Veneziano and similar lime-based plasters require a correct application. For this reason, teaching has always been a paramount commitment for the members of Stucco Italiano, who have taught at the Scuola di Restauro of Vicenza and had a ten-year contract with the Hamlet School of Hillerød in Denmark, as well as in other schools in Denmark (Rann) and in Great Britain (Goldtrowel training Center in England and in Walles). Other courses take place regularly at our workshop in Italy and at the offices of our best clients and distributors all around the world.

Attention to modern needs

Maintaining the goal of producing quality finishes, we found ourselves in the urgency to respond to the needs that come to us from our distributors from the most diverse places in the world. Thus, we are constantly expanding our production, including in it a variety of finishes that fall outside our original lime product line. Through the years, we have indeed developed new decorative materials based on acrylic resins.
In addition to wall finishes, we have long developed some solutions for continuous, seamless floors in line with the Venetian tradition of Pastellone, the Mamorino for floors.

Made in Italy

In the cradle of Italian craftsmanship

Stucco Italiano is based in the Region of Venice, the birthplace of Italian craftsmanship and center of historical architecture. All our products are made in Italy. The production path is controlled in all its steps by a technician committed to this work, to assure constancy of quality. The high level of quality is also obtained thanks to the best raw materials, which are all of Italian origins.