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Stucco Italiano is a premium Venetian Plaster producer and supplier of Italian plastering finishes and tools

Here you find a selection of Stucco Italiano’s Italian plastering products, such as Venetian Polished Plasters and high-end decorative paints. All our materials are available in countless colors and effects. Buy Marmorino, Travertino, Stucco Paints, Venetian Plaster Application Tools, and Plastering Additives. All Stucco Italiano’s plastering products are Made in Italy certified.

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Stucco Italiano produces and supplies the best Plaster Application Products

At Stucco Italiano you find italian plastering products, such as Marmorino, Travertino and many other traditional Italian stuccos. Moreover, our company sells the finest tools for the application of Venetian Plasters. For example, in the Tools page you can find a complete kit for the application of Venetian Plaster, which includes all the trowels used by Italian crafstmen in the application of the traditional Italian Marmorino. Finally, our product line also includes modern decorative paints and Stucco Paints.

You want to learn more about Italian plasters?

In these pages, you will understand the difference between plasters and learn how to apply Venetian Polished Plaster, Travertino, Tadelakt and many other natural lime-based plasters. Moreover, you will discover the most trendy decorative paints and learn how to apply them. Addionaly, you will have a clear idea of what tools you need to apply marmorino Venetian plaster and the other traditional italian stuccos. Indeed, each of our plasters comes with a step by step guide on how to apply it, a short training video and the detailed list of the tools needed for its application.