Italian Decorative Plastering Products

A constantly evolving line of decorative finishes

Italian Decorative Plasters and Paints

Among our Italian plastering products, you find a wide selection of Italian decorative plasters for walls, such as Venetian Plasters and Travertino. Besides, we provide also a line of high-end decorative paints. In particular, we offer solutions for exterior and interior surfaces, including Wall to Floor seamless plasters. Additionally, you can choose from a broad range of Italian natural plasters, eco-friendly stuccos that use only natural ingredients. Finally, all Stucco Italiano’s plastering products are Made in Italy certified.

The elegance of the Italian tradition in one stroke

Choose exclusive Italian decorative plasters. For us at Stucco Italiano, the main concern is to offer Italian plastering products of quality and exclusivity. For this reason, we have long studied the stuccos of the Italian tradition. Indeed, these survived the centuries thanks to their timeless value. Today, our lifework is committed to accommodating these antique recipes to the needs of contemporary living. Thus, we have made our Italian natural plasters more resistant and easier to apply, while conserving their traditional elegance.

Convey style & aesthetic value to any environment. At Stucco Italiano you find a comprehensive set of Italian plastering products. We provide everything you need to transform your home in the blink of an eye. In fact, it is in inhabited environments that our finishes are most appreciated: their decorative contribution completely changes the aesthetic aspect of rooms that were aesthetically poor. And this transformation happens in just a few days of work. Contrary to normal paints, our Italian decorative plasters can last over 20 years.

Plastering Tools & Additives

Additionally to the Italian decorative plasters and paints, Stucco Italiano provides several additives for plasters. In particular, we have conceived our additives to facilitate the application of Italian decorative plasters, to add creative effects to the finishes, and to protect them from wear. Moreover, Stucco Italiano has designed special tools for the application of Venetian plasters and other Italian natural plasters. Finally, it has created a simple yet comprehensive Color System to be used by beginners and professionals alike. Our Color system can be used with all our Italian plastering products, both paints and stuccos.

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Our eco-friendly stuccos for walls and floors – Green Leed

Stucco Italiano manufactures and supplies 15 Italian natural plasters. Indeed, to prepare them, we use antique recipes which include only natural ingredients, such as shellac and vegetable starch. Thus, these eco-friendly stuccos are completely chemical-free. Nevertheless, they have excellent workability, comparable to the Italian plastering products that make use of chemicals. Moreover, the quality of our eco-friendly Italian decorative plasters is excellent both for resistance and durability. Many of our eco-friendly stuccos, such as Marmorino Medium, Intonachino, and Pastellone are also contributing to the achievement of Leed certifications.

Eco-friendly plasters

Wall2Floor Italian natural plasters

Our wide range of Italian plastering products includes traditional Italian decorative plasters that can be used both on floors and walls. For example, Pastellone, also known as microcement, is a Venetian Plaster for seamless floors. This material retains the aesthetic of ancient Marmorino, while adding the resistance and durability demanded by modern-day living. It is ideal for minimalist environments in virtue of its continuous surface and simple beauty. These qualities make of Pastellone the most desirable among Italian natural plasters for floor.


Italian decorative plasters for furniture

Recently, Stucco Italiano has developed a line of 13 plasters for furniture. Actually, these Italian decorative plasters and paints can be applied almost to any surface. Nowadays, designers use stuccos on furniture to enhance the sense of matter in a space without drawbacks. For example, you can convey a sense of stone or concrete to a door, while keeping it functional and light. Otherwise, you can use stuccos to make a furniture’s surface harder than varnished wood. Finally, our commitment to the environmental cause has impelled us to develop 5 Italian natural plasters for furniture. Despite being chemical-free, they have perfect bonding on wood. 

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Plasters for furniture

Learn more about Italian decorative plasters through our product pages

In the pages dedicated to our Italian plastering products, the description of the material comes with a guide on how to apply it. Additionally, we normally include a short training video and a detailed list of the tools needed for each application type. Therefore, with our online material, you can also learn the difference between the various Italian decorative plasters. Specifically, you will learn how to apply Venetian Polished Plaster, Travertino, and many other Italian natural plasters and Italian decorative paints.

Become a professional applicator through our courses

Are you interested in learning more about Italian natural plasters and decorative paints? If you want to become a professional applicator of Italian decorative plasters, you can participate in the course of our school of Venetian plasters in Italy. If you prefer to learn from home, consult our e-learning channels. For example, on our youtube channel, you will find application videos for all our Italian plastering products.

Italian Plastering Courses

FAQ on our Italian plastering products

Do your Italian decorative plasters have eco-sustainability certifications?

Not all our products are eco-sustainable, but most of the plasters have a Leed certification.

Are your Italian plastering products also used in restoration?

Only some plasters respond to the demanding characteristics required by the protocols used by the restoration authorities in Italy. But in general, we can say that our production was born in the restoration sector and then evolved towards the decorative.

Do your decorative products have a guarantee?

All our decorative finishes have a five-year warranty, which is mandatory for Italian products. However, for our Italian natural plasters, we extend the warranty up to ten years on request.