Italian & Venetian Plasters for Walls

Unlimited colors and effects

Italian Wall Plasters

Stucco Italiano offers 16 lime-based decorative wall plasters that sink their roots into the Italian tradition of stuccos. These natural stuccos are easily applied by trowel and offer highly decorative finishes that will last for several years. In particular, among these Italian decorative finishes, you’ll find both stuccos for exterior walls and interior surfaces. Furthermore, these plasters are suitable for all types of environments and styles. For example, you’ll find a Marmorino for classical Venetian plaster walls or a versatile Lava for a more modern stucco wall texture. Finally, with our plasters, you can achieve unlimited colors and effects. Indeed, thanks to our comprehensive Color System and plaster additives you can add thousands of decorative effects to your Venetian plaster walls.

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Improve your finishes with our additives for wall plasters

A unique feature of Stucco Italiano is its great range of additives for lime-based plasters and decorative paints. On one hand, some of these auxiliaries are developed to facilitate the application of the stuccos. On the other hand, some plaster additives are conceived to add special effects to the stucco wall texture or to provide our Italian decorative finishes with the best protection treatment. For example, you can add Terracotta powder to your stucco exterior wall, to convey a Cocciopesto rustic effect to the finish. Similarly, you can enrich your Venetian plaster walls with Mother of Pearl flakes which sparkle under the light rays.

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A bucket and a bottle of Stucco Italiano's stucco additives

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Stucco wall texture brochure

At the following link, you can download our stucco wall textures brochure. The brochure includes information on all our Italian decorative finishes. Beside each decorative product, you’ll find pictures of interior Venetian plaster walls and stucco exterior walls done with our materials.

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Italian decorative finishes contractor

Stucco Italiano is also an experienced Italian decorative finishes contractor. Indeed, over the last 40 years, our Italian craftsmen applied stucco wall textures all over in the world. In our gallery, you can find examples of Venetian plaster walls and stucco exterior walls realized in various building types.

Are you looking for professional Italian plaster applicators for your project? Ask for a quote at the following link. We can find the best craftsmen in your area or send our experienced artisans.

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Becoming our partner could be easier than you think. Contact us to express your interest, and we will provide you detailed information on our exclusive stucco wall textures. Furthermore, we’ll offer you free training on our decorative products, and share with you the know-how on the materials. Ultimately, you’ll have exclusivity of distribution in your area, and the opportunity of getting Italian decorative finishes customized to your preferences. Don’t miss the opportunity! Contact us now to sell the finest Italian decorative finishes for stunning Venetian plaster walls and exterior stucco walls.

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Ecological Venetian plaster walls

Do you want a stucco wall texture for your home but you are concerned with environmental and health issues? At Stucco Italiano you find completely natural materials both for stucco exterior walls and interior surfaces. In fact, all our Italian decorative plasters and Venetian plasters are highly breathable, naturally anti-mold and anti-bacterial. Moreover, they are eco-friendly and have a VOC content close to zero. Additionally, the majority of our Italian decorative finishes have a 100% ecological version, which excludes all chemicals in favor of natural ingredients. Finally, four of these natural lime-based stuccos also participate in the achievement of a Green Leed certification. Ultimately, you can obtain Venetian plaster walls with materials made by following traditional recipes that use only natural ingredients.

Eco-friendly plasters

Tools for stucco wall texture

Besides Italian decorative finishes, Stucco Italiano also provides the necessary tools to apply Venetian plasters, and other Italian decorative stuccos. With our tools you can create any stucco wall texture, from Venetian plaster walls to stucco exterior walls. Check our tool kits and trowels for Venetian plasters and Marmorino, and our tools for decorative wall finishes.

Plastering Tools

Stucco texture on furniture

Recently, Stucco Italiano has developed 13 Italian decorative finishes for furniture. Taking inspiration from our stucco wall textures, we have designed 8 paints and 5 plasters that can be applied not only on wood but almost to any surface. Now you can match your furniture with your Venetian Plaster walls, creating beautiful faux marble surfaces on doors and tables.

Plasters for furniture

Natural Wall to floor plaster finishes

Are you looking for a natural stucco wall texture that can be applied also to floors? Check our Venetian plaster Wall to Floor, also known as Pastellone or microcement. It is a traditional Italian decorative finish, which we have ameliorated to comply with contemporary life demands. Indeed, our Pastellone is harder and most durable than any other natural finish for seamless floors. It is completely eco-friendly and can contribute to the achievement of a Green Seed certification.

Pastellone Wall to Floor

FAQ on Stucco Italiano’s Wall Plasters

Are all these Italian decorative finishes suitable also for external walls?

A lime or cement plaster is theoretically suitable not only for interiors but also for exteriors. There are however exceptions. Some of our products, being decorative finishes, are not recommended for external use because they can deteriorate in their aesthetic appearance. This may happen because some of our stucco wall textures do not have the possibility of being adequately protected from weathering.

Do stucco and Venetian plaster walls resist outside in low winter temperatures?

Yes, they do. They are made of lime, which is very resistant to low temperatures. In Northern Europe, we traditionally find it as an external finish in the form of plaster. Both lime and cement resist both heat and cold very well. Lime even better than cement, being a more flexible binder. Therefore, Venetian plaster walls, as well as other lime-based stuccos, are perfectly suitable for cold environments.

What maximum temperature do Italian decorative finishes resist? Are they suitable for fireplace hoods?

Lime and cement are resistant to over 300 degrees Celsius and therefore have no problem being used in contact with high temperatures. However, problems may appear in stucco wall textures due to sudden changes in temperature which can cause cracking of the surface.