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Lime Plasters

Our lime-based materials, that revisit the traditional Italian plasters

Decorative Paints

Our line of acrylic products, that explore modern fantasies

Italian Lime Wall Plasters

Stucco Italiano’s traditional Venetian and Italian plasters

Stucco Italiano offers 20 lime-based Italian wall plasters that sink their roots into the history of Venetian and Italian stuccos. The most popular Italian plasters are Venetian Plaster (Marmorino in the Italian Language), Travertino, Dilavato and Intonachino. These lime-based plasters are suitable for all types of environment. In particular, this line includes surface finishes for exterior and interior use on walls, as well as plastering solutions for seamless floors.

Tradional Marmorino Venetian Plaster is now more durable than ever

In the Venetian culture, Venetian plaster has always been considered the most refined and decorative stucco. The original recipe for Venetian Stucco contained powdered lime, glue made of animal by-products and color pigments. Today, with the help of the latest technology and natural products we can offer you traditional Italian plasters with outstanding technical features, like perfect bonding and long-lasting durability.

Eco-friendly plasters & Green Leed building finishes

The majority of our lime-based plasters have a 100% eco-friendly version, which excludes all chemicals in favour of natural products. For example, natural casein and vegetable starch replace chemical glues and thickeners. Addionaly, four of these natural lime-based stuccos also participate to the achievement of a Green Leed certification. Indeed, they contain raw materials coming from recycling or recovery of scraps of marble.

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Italian Decorative Paints

Stucco Italiano also offers 12 acrylic products that explore contemporary and vanguard fantasies. These decorative paints are suitable for all types of interiors, and answer to different aesthetic needs. In particular, these decorative paints are appreciated for their highly decorative qualities and fancy look.

Twelve modern decorative paints that will amaze you

These are finishes that can be easily applied by brush, spray or trowel and result in a final rendering of high style and elegance. Among these decorative paints we find finishes suitable for all environments. For example, we have high decorative solutions for modern environments such as Liberty and Kristalium; or artistic finishes such as Supernova. Other finishes are more classic, like the Terra d’Arte. Others are precious, like Liquid Metal; or delicate, as are Dune and Nappa. Finally, other finishes are more aggressive, like Oxide Metal. To sum up, common denominators of all these finishes are the ease of application and the durability, but also a generous decorative contribution. They are all finishes that allow freedom of expression and imagination to the applicator.

Improve your finishes, try our additives for wall plasters

A unique feature of Stucco Italiano is its great range of additives for lime-based plasters and decorative paints. On one hand, some of these auxiliaries are developed to solve the problems that commonly occur to plaster applicators, and in general to facilitate the plaster’s application. On the other hand, some plaster additives are conceived to add special effects to lime and acrylic wall finishes, or to provide them with the best protection.

Wall Plasters Additives
Stucco Italiano Italian Wall Plaster Additives