Venetian plasters for floors

Elegant. Easy to apply. Unbreakable.

Seamless floor plasters

Here you will find different seamless floor plasters, suitable for homes and public places. In particular, our Pastellone, a lime-based plaster that keeps in with the traditional Marmorino Venetian plaster for floors, marries elegance with durability. Additionally, you can apply Pastellone also on walls, for a Wall2Floor continuous surface. Second, our Epofloor is a reinforced polished plaster for floors that guarantees the maximum of resistance, also in the highest traffic conditions. Last but not least, Magnesite is a new, thinner solution for the classical Venetian Terrazzo floor. Indeed, with our Magnesite you can create a stunning Terrazzo stucco floors with a height of only 1 cm.

Improve your stucco floors with our additives

A unique feature of Stucco Italiano is its great range of additives for seamless floor plasters. On one hand, some of these auxiliaries are developed to facilitate the application of the stuccos. On the other hand, some plaster additives are conceived to add special effects to stucco floors or to provide our Venetian plaster for floors with the best protection treatment. For example, you can add Terracotta powder to your stucco floors, to convey a rustic effect to the finish. Similarly, you can enrich your Venetian plaster for floors with Mother of Pearl flakes which sparkle under the light rays.

Plaster additives
A bucket and a bottle of Stucco Italiano's stucco additives

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Venetian plaster for floors and walls | Brochure

At the following link, you can download our Decorative Finishes Brochure. The brochure includes information on all our decorative finishes: from Venetian plaster for floors and walls to our decorative paints. Beside the description of each decorative product, you’ll find photos of real samples in different colors. Finally, the brochure contains pictures of interiors and exteriors coated with our materials, such as Italian stucco floors and modern wall finishes.

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Italian decorative finishes contractor

Stucco Italiano is also an experienced Italian decorative finishes contractor. Indeed, over the last 40 years, our craftsmen applied Venetian plaster for floors and walls, as well as decorative paints, all over in the world. In our gallery, you can find examples of stucco floors and other decorative surface finishes realized in various building types.

Are you looking for professional Italian plaster applicators for your project? Ask for a quote at the following link. We can find the best craftsmen in your area or send our experienced artisans.

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Magnesite and Pastellone: two eco-friendly seamless floor plasters

Do you want seamless floor plasters for your home but you are concerned with environmental and health issues? At Stucco Italiano you find completely natural materials for your stucco floors. In particular, our Pastellone (Venetian plaster for floors) and Magnesite (Terrazzo Veneziano floor) are highly breathable, naturally anti-mold, and anti-bacterial. Moreover, they are eco-friendly and have a VOC content close to zero. Additionally, they both have a 100% ecological version, which excludes all chemicals in favor of natural ingredients. Finally, our Venetian Plaster for floors also participates in the achievement of a Green Leed certification, as it contains recovered scraps of high-quality marbles.

Eco-friendly stucco floors & walls

Selected tools for seamless floor plasters works

Besides Italian decorative finishes, Stucco Italiano also provides the necessary tools to apply Venetian plaster for floors and walls. Indeed, with our tools, you can create various stucco floors, from Venetian plaster to Terrazzo floors. Check our tool kits and trowels for Venetian plasters and Marmorino for floors, and our tools for other decorative wall finishes.

Plastering Tools

Apply Venetian plaster for floors also on furnishing objects

Recently, Stucco Italiano has developed 13 Italian decorative finishes for furniture. Specifically, we have designed 8 paints and 5 plasters that can be applied not only to wood but almost to any surface. Now you can match your furniture with your stucco floors, or with your Venetian plaster for floors and walls. Similarly, you create beautiful faux marble surfaces on doors and tables. Moreover, with our Magnesite, you can create a thin and elegant finish that is harder than marble. Thus, you can use this stucco on a kitchen counter or a shop’s stairs to convey a minimalist look to the environment, while improving the object’s functionality.

Plasters for furniture

Venetian plaster for floors and walls | Pastellone

Do you want to match your walls to your stucco floors? Check our Venetian plaster for floors and walls, also known as Pastellone or microcement. You can apply Pastellone both on vertical and horizontal surfaces, for a jointless Wall2Floor continuous surface. Furthermore, Stucco Italiano’s Pastellone can now be applied also on furnishing objects. Specifically, it is a traditional Marmorino Venetian plaster for floors, which we have ameliorated to comply with contemporary life needs. Indeed, our Pastellone is stronger and more durable than most natural seamless floor plasters. Furthermore, it is completely eco-friendly and can contribute to the achievement of a Green Seed certification.

Pastellone Wall to Floor

FAQ on Stucco Italiano’s Floor Plasters

Are these stucco floors suitable for outdoor applications?

Epofloor, when correctly applied and treated, is suitable for exterior use. Similarly, Pastellone can be applied to exteriors only following our recommendations. In fact, since outside there are conditions of rising damp from the subsoil, they can seriously damage the surface protective treatment and stain the finish. We, therefore, recommend it only for terraces or surfaces that have been waterproofed against rising damp. Magnesite, on the other hand, is absolutely to be avoided outdoors and where there may be stagnation of water.

Can these seamless floor plasters be used on underfloor heating?

Yes, all our stucco floors can be applied where underfloor heating is used.

On what substrates can your stucco floor materials be applied?

All building substrates are suitable for our stucco floors, as long as they are solid and continuous. Therefore, new screeds, existing ceramic or marble floors, heated screeds are all suitable for our seamless floor plasters. With wooden substrates, some problems may arise, since wood moves following the variation of humidity. Only if well glued to the substrate in all its components it can be covered with mesh and therefore with one of our flooring materials.