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Ecofriendly Italian Stuccos

Ecofriendly Italian Stuccos

Natural additives only

The products listed in this page are ecofriendly Italian stuccos. These exclude all chemicals in favor of natural products such as casein, shellac and vegetable starch.

These materials are all produced in powder form in order to avoid the use of any preservative or anti-mildew. They have an excellent workability comparable to the modern products that make use of chemicals. Moreover, their quality is excellent both for strength and duration.

Leed certificate

Many of our products, such as Marmorino Medium, Marmorino Coarse, Intonachino and Pastellone are also contributing to the achievement of Leed certifications, since we use raw material from recycling or recovery of scraps of marble.

Green Leed Eco-friendly Italian stuccos and plasters

Traditional Italian Eco-friendly Plasters

Ecologic Traditional Italian Stuccos

Stucco Italiano produces and supplies eco-friendly versions of traditional Italian plasters. For example, you can buy eco-friendly Venetian Plaster, ecologic Marmorino plaster, eco-friendly Travertino and natural Dilavato. Addionally, these ecofriendly Italian stuccos can be finished with completely natural protection treatments. For example, one of Stucco Italiano’s protection treatments for ecologic plasters is Natural Vegetable Oils Blend. You can use the latter to protect Stucco Italiano’s Natural Mamorino for floors, Pastellone. Another popular protection for eco-friendly stuccos is our Natural Beeswax, which we particularly recommend for the final treatment of our ecologic Venetian polished plaster.