Italian Decorative Paints

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Decorative Paints

Stucco Italiano manufactures and supplies traditional Italian lime paint (also known as whitewash lime paint) and 12 modern acrylic paints that explore contemporary fantasies. You can easily apply them by brush, spray, or trowel to obtain a final rendering of high style and elegance. Moreover, you can use our Italian decorative paints in all types of interiors, as they answer to different aesthetic needs. For example, we have high decorative solutions for modern environments such as Liberty and Kristalium; or more artistic finishes such as Supernova. Other Italian decorative paints are more classic, like the Terra d’Arte. Others are precious, like Liquid Metal; or delicate, as are Dune and Nappa. Ultimately, all these finishes allow freedom of expression and imagination to the applicator.

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Find your ideal Italian decorative paints or plasters by narrowing the choice according to filters (like type of material, style, area of use, texture, or additive).

Cover any object with our Italian decorative paints

Stucco Italiano has designed 8 decorative paints and 5 plasters with which you can cover any wood, plastic or metal object. By applying our paints to furniture and objects, you can achieve special creative effects that will enhance the sense of matter in interiors with a strong decorative value. For instance, with these materials, you can reproduce the look of oxidized or liquid metal. Likewise, you can cover any object with a touch of soft leather, or give the appearance of concrete to a door, while keeping it functional.

Decorative Paints for Furniture & Objects
Stucco Italiano's Oxide Metal paint applied on a pot
Plant pot coated with Stucco Italiano's Oxide Metal - Paint for Walls & Objects

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Decorative Paints and Plasters brochure

At the following link, you can download our Italian Decorative Paints and Plasters Brochure. It includes all our Italian lime paint, acrylic paints, and decorative plasters for walls and floors. Specifically, each decorative finish comes with a short description, a sample image and various pictures of interiors and exteriors coated with our finishes.

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Italian decorative paints contractor

Stucco Italiano is also an experienced Italian decorative Paints contractor. Indeed, over the last 40 years, our Italian craftsmen applied Italian lime paint, decorative paints, and plasters all over in the world. In our gallery, you can find examples of whitewash lime paint, Venetian Plasters works realized with our products in various building types.

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Whitewash lime paint for interiors

The traditional Italian lime paint (pittura a calce in Italian), is widely known as whitewash lime paint or putty. It is a natural, eco-friendly, lime-based paint for interior walls. Because of its ecological components, it is naturally breathable, anti-mold, and has a VOC percentage close to zero. Specifically, it can easily be applied by brush or roller to create welcoming and cozy atmospheres. In fact, it has that sense of softness that is rarely found in modern paints. For this reason, it is most suitable for ancient buildings or rural environments. However, you can use our Italian lime paint on modern buildings that intend to stand out for finesse and elegance. Finally, with whitewash lime paint you can create decorations and beautiful stencils.

Pittura a calce - Italian Lime Paint

Modern decorative finishes for interiors

Contrarily to our Italian lime paint, which is completely natural, the other Italian decorative paints we offer have acrylic components. For this reason, these paints are cheaper, faster and easier to apply. Therefore, with them you can visually transform even very large surfaces in the blink of an eye. Moreover, because of their synthetic components, our Italian decorative paints are more versatile and can result in countless aesthetic solutions.

Easily obtain any color and customise it to your preferences

Stucco Italiano’s color system for decorative finishes includes a broad catalog with 90 colors and a collection of 42 exclusive Rosalba colors. Along with the catalog, we provide a software and 10 base-colorants with which you can obtain any color of the palette. Specifically, with our software, you can get the correct color formula by simply inserting the color of your choice, the type of material from our list of products, and the quantity you wish to color. Indeed, the system is developed to work with all our Italian decorative paints and plasters, including the whitewash lime paint. Additionally, the formula can be modified according to your needs, for instance, by indicating a lower or higher percentage to get a lighter or darker color.

Color System

FAQ on Italian Decorative Paints

Are Stucco Italiano’s decorative paints easy to apply?

Yes, all Stucco Italiano’s decorative paints are extremely easy to apply. Simply apply them with a brush or roller as you would apply normal paint. However, to obtain some particular special effects, you might need some practice.

Can I apply these decorative paints on exteriors?

Contrarily to our decorative plasters, the majority of our Italian Decorative Paints can be applied ONLY on interior surfaces.

Can I apply whitewash lime paint on exteriors?

Our Italian Lime Paint (whitewash lime paint) can be applied both on interior and exterior walls.

Are the acrylic decorative paints washable?

Not all are washable, but most of them are. Specifically, the following Decorative Paints are completely washable: Terra d’Arte, Ossidato, Liquid Metal, Dune Suede, Soft Touch, and SpritzColor.

Is whitewash lime paint washable?

Our Italian lime paint is partially washable. It can be applied without problems on exterior surfaces because it does not melt with water. However, if subject to frequent water flows, it will slowly absorb water, and overtime a new application might be required.

What’s the difference between whitewash lime paint and modern paints?

Whitewash lime paint is a type of paint made from slaked lime. Whitewash lime paint is a type of paint made from slaked lime. Contrarily to modern acrylic paints, whitewash lime paint is highly breathable, and mildly antibacterial. Furthermore, Whitewash lime paint relies on being drawn into a substrate, unlike a modern paint that adheres to the surface.