Venetian Plaster Colors and Chart

Marrying quality with simplicity

Color System for decorative finishes

Our Color System is thought for the professional, following two main principles: quality of results and simplicity of use. The same System works with all our decorative products, both plasters and paints. Notably, our chart includes 130 colors, many of which were thought specifically as Venetian plaster colors. Stucco Italiano’s Color System consists of:

  • A catalog with 90 colors, that contains A4-sized images of real samples of Fine Marmorino finished in each color;
  • The Rosalba Collection, a catalog of 40 exclusive colors that recall those used by the Italian painter Rosalba Carriera (1675-1757) in her works;
  • A PC software to calculate the color formulas. It is designed for Windows and can be easily installed in your computer;
  • 16 base-colorants, with which you can obtain all the 130 formulas

How it works

With our software, you can get the correct color formula by simply inserting the color of your choice, the type of material from our list of products and the quantity you wish to color.

Our Color System works with all Stucco Italiano’s products alike: both with the lime-based plasters and the decorative paints.

The formula is expressed both in terms of volume (in millilitres for use with a syringe) and in terms of weight (in grams to weigh on scales). The formula can be modified according to your needs, for instance, by indicating a lower or higher percentage to get a lighter or darker color.

The formula can also be changed by increasing or decreasing a certain color. Each formula, including those changed, can be saved with your customer’s name and kept for later use. You can even create your own color formulas.

Each page of the catalog can be removed from the ring binder and details how to obtain that specific color with our coloring method.

The advantages of Stucco Italiano's Color System

  1. You can color your material easily with gram scales or with a syringe
  2. You can color any of our products
  3. You can modify the colors easily; e.g. you can make a colour 10% darker or lighter, or a beige colour containing 5% more or less red etc
  4. You can save the formula for the color you created for future use, simply by generating a file with the name of the customer, the date, etc
  5. It is important as a professional to be able to make any color you or your customer wants. With our Colour System you learn how to do it
  6. You save money because our pigments cost much less than those in any other coloring system
  7. Your material will be of higher quality. Most of the coloring systems use big quantities of extenders, such as glycol, to keep the liquid dye from drying out. With our system, you get just pure pigment
  8. You can get the same color even years later, since we always use the same pigments or coloring powders in our dyes

I Colori di Rosalba

In 2020 we have announced our second color catalog. We have named it “I colori di Rosalba”, honoring the Venetian painter whose works have inspired our 40 new colors.

Rosalba Carriera (1673-1757) was a Venetian Rococo portrait painter and one of the most famous European artists of the eighteenth century. She was the first female painter to initiate a new style, pioneering the exclusive use of pastel in her portraits. She was also the first to bind colored chalks into sticks, leading to the development of a much wider range of prepared colors and expanding the usefulness of the pastel medium. Her unique style emphasized the use of spontaneous brush strokes, dancing lights, subtle surface tonalities, and a soft, elegant, and charming approach to subject matter. Her extremely delicate trait and her great ability to capture the essence of the people she portrayed made her famous in all the European courts.

Venetian plaster color chart

Our color chart was developed to match any of our decorative materials. However, we gave special attention and space to those tints that more than others could be impeccable as Venetian plaster colors.

We supply our Venetian plasters (Marmorino in Italian) in Natural White. Then, our clients can easily tint them in all the 130 colors of our Venetian plaster color chart. If you don’t find the desired Venetian plaster colors in our chart, we can develop a new formula following your instructions. Otherwise, if you send us samples of the desired Venetian plaster colors, we can provide you with a color matching service.

All the 16 dyes used to achieve the colors displayed in our Venetian plaster color chart are of the highest quality. In fact, we use only pure pigments for our dyes, without the addition of extenders or other chemicals.

13 samples of Venetian Plaster in different colors

Best Venetian Plaster colors: how to choose them

Venetian plasters are natural materials made of lime and marble powders. Therefore, although you can tint Venetian plasters in any color, some hues that remind soft earth tones suit them better. For example, colors such as grey, beige, cream, and ivory recall stones and marbles. Similarly, beige, tan, brown and taupe evoke sandy or earthly atmospheres. Other colors such as deep greens, pinks and reds, yellows, and blacks also allude to special varieties of marble. Therefore, all these hues are ideal as Venetian plaster colors. However, Venetian plasters are nowadays fashionable also in more vivid, modern hues. These, when applied to the wall, bring to mind precious stones and metals. Indeed, gold, sapphire blue, purple amethyst, ruby red, emerald green, jade, or topaz are remarkable Venetian plaster colors that convey to the space a striking decorative value.

You cannot decide which Venetian Plaster colors to pick from the chart? Ask us for advice and we will help you choose the best color to blend and coordinate with your architectural design and home atmospheres.

We keep you updated with our new colors

We create new colors every year, and we inform our customers of their availability through our newsletter. In addition, when we come up with a new material, the Colour System will be updated online and you will be the first to know through our newsletter.

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FAQ on Stucco Italiano’s Color System

How many colors does the Stucco Italiano Color Chart have?

The catalog shows only 132, that is 66 light colors and the corresponding 66 of three darker tones, but our system is now ranging to include thousands of formulations applicable to our products. We have in fact developed a coloring system that gives the formulation of any color derived from the main color charts on the market, such as Ral, Pantone, NCS and several others. Of course you need to have our dyes and they are only applicable to our products.

How many dyes does your system require?

In order to develop all the colors of the main color charts, 16 dyes are needed.

Is a tinting machine required or are there other systems for the craftsman?

Our Color System is mainly designed for the craftsman who can thus learn to color his materials himself without having to resort to the equipment of a paint shop. For the craftsman, a software installed in the computer and a good scale or syringe are sufficient to be able to use over ten thousand formulations. Of course, the software is also developed for all tinting machines.