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Stucco Italiano is an Italian company that produces and sells the finest Venetian plasters, and many other natural building finishes for walls and floors. It offers selected tools for the application of Italian stuccos, as well as many additives for wall and floor plasters. Buy Marmorino, Travertino, Tadelakt, Pastellone and many more.

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Plasters for Furniture & Objects

Stucco Italiano has developed a line of 12 natural and acrylic products that can also be applied to furniture, doors, stairs and objects.

You can apply plasters on wooden or metallic furniture to enhance a sense of matter, to reproduce the appearance of certain materials, or simply to give to the environment a fresher look.

The application of stuccos on furniture allows architects and designers to achieve the desired effects on any type of surface, without drawbacks. For example, you can convey the sense of concrete to a door while keeping it light and functional. On the other hand, you can use plasters on furniture to achieve a surface finish that is harder than traditional treatments for wood. This makes stucco for furniture an ideal solution for shops, where high traffic might lead to wearing and damaging. For example, with our Magnesite you can create a thin and elegant finish that is harder than marble. Thus, this stucco can be used on a kitchen counter conveying a neat look to the environment, while improving the object’s performance.

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Stucco Italiano is a Marmorino Venetian Plaster contractor. Its crafstmen apply Italian sruface finishes everywehere in the world. The company is also an Italian plaster training school for artisans who want to learn how to apply Marmorino and other Italian decoratives from the best in the field.

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Made in Italy | Premium Quality Plasters

Stucco Italiano is based in the Region of Venice, birthplace of Italian craftsmanship and center of historical architecture. Indeed, our mission is to spread the finest Venetian artistic tradition in polished plasters such as Marmorino Carrara. In order to guarantee the authenticity of our stuccos, we manufacture all our products in our headquarters in Vicenza. Thus, all our plasters are made in Italy certified. Moreover, the production path is controlled in all its steps by a technician committed to this work, to assure constancy of quality. Finally, the high level of quality is also obtained thanks to the best raw materials, which are all of Italian origins.

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