Wall Additives

Unleash creativity, add a touch to your finishes

A unique feature of Stucco Italiano is its great range of additives, associated with its offer of plain materials. Some of these auxiliaries are developed to solve the problems that commonly occur to appliers and to facilitate the plaster’s application. Other supplements are conceived to add special effects to lime and acrylic finishes, or to provide them with the best protection.

Substrate Preparation

Universal Primer

Universal acrylic primer to prepare the substrate before painting or applying lime-based plasters. It has to be diluted 1 to 9 with water, and then be applied with a roller on every type of substrate. It is also used as first protection layer of Flooring materials, such as Pastellone, diluted 1 to 15 with water.

Yield: Smooth surfaces (ex. gypsum substrates): 1 liter covers 20/22 m².

  • Universal Primer for any type of substrate
  • Used also for the protection of Pastellone

Quartz Primer

A very adhesive acrylic primer with quartz sand. It is used as an undercoat before applying lime or  cement-based plasters. It is ready to use on any kind of substrate, although a 10% dilution with water is possible.  We suggest to use it especially on wooden or gypsum substrates.

Yield: 1 liter covers 5/6 m²

  • Universal Primer for any kind of substrate
  • Extreme adhesion
  • Perfect for wooden and gypsum substrates

TGF Tiles Gap Filler

It is a plaster with an extreme adhesion capacity, that doesn’t shrink when it dries off. Because of this quality, we use it to fill gaps between tiles in walls and floors, before applying Pastellone or other plasters. Moreover, since it is very adherent, it can be used as first layer on very smooth surfaces, such as marble or tile floors, before applying lime or cement-based flooring products. If our TGF is used, no sanding of the tiles is needed: just clean the tiles to remove the greasy substances before applying it.

  • Extremely adherent
  • Doesn't shrink while drying
  • Used to fill tile gaps
  • Increases adhesion

Primer 4

Ready to use primer for decorative products as our Liberty Epoque, Liberty Arena, Nappa, Kristalium, SpritzColor.

  • Yield: 1 liter covers 7 m²
  • Application: by fine roller

Primer for Ossidato

It is a specific primer for Ossidato. It is ready to use, although a 10% dilution with water is possible. It comes in two versions: dark for Ossidato Dark and light for Ossidato Light.

  •  Yield: 1 liter covers 6 m²
  • Application: by fine roller
  • Special primer for our Ossidato finish
  • Suitable for any type of substrate

Application Auxiliaries

SAA – Strong Adhesion Agent

It’s a powder that can be added to any lime or cement based plaster to increase its adhesion to any surface, such as tiles and glass.

It comes in 1 kg and can be mixed to a 16 kg bucket of Pastellone or 24 kg of any lime based plaster.

  • Increases plaster's adhesion to any surface


AntiCrack is a flexible interior plaster which reduces the risk of cracking on drywall and other plasters and considerably improves the impact resistance and durability of drywall construction. It is essential on drywall and on old plaster restorations. It is the ideal substrate for lime and gypsum plasters.

It comes in 25 kg buckets.

  • Flexible plaster for interiors
  • Reduces considerably the risk of cracks
  • To be used as a substrate coat for lime-based plasters


It is a thickner for all our lime and cement based plasters. Our densifier is a speacial resin that, once mixed with an alkaline mixture, makes it denser and more viscous. It is used if the plaster is too liquid, for example when a big quantity of liquid pigment is added to the material. It can also be used when the plaster must be applied in great thinkness, to prevent it too fall from the wall during the application. Note that if the seggested quantity is exceeded (if you put more Densifier than needed) the material will go back to its liquid form.

It comes in jars of 50 or 500 gr.
: it has to be poured slowly into the plaster while mixing with a beater.


  • Used with cement & lime products
  • Thickens liquid material

SDA – Slow Drying Agent

It is a retardant paste for lime products. It lengthens the drying time allowing applications on surfaces otherwise too large. It can be used on all of our products based on lime and cement.

It comes in 0,9 kg buckets. The quantity to be added to the materail depends on your own needs, the maximum is a full jar per 24 kg bucket of material.

  • Used on all lime/cement-based plasters
  • Slows down the drying process

Decorative Additives

Glitter Cream

Special gel with metallic glitters to achieve decorative effects with our lime based plasters, especially with Stucco Lava. It comes in Silver and Gold colors and have a high light reflection.

  • Adds glittery flakes to the finish
  • It comes in Silver or Gold color

Salt & Pepper Sand

This is a special silica (quartz) sand, which has been sieved to obtain a unique particle-size of 0.6 mm. It is used with Marmorino Veneziano Carrara to obtain a special “salt and pepper” effect. Used on: Marmorino Medium and Coarse, Travertino, Lava, Pastellone or Beton Stucco.

  • Quartz sand composed of 0.6 mm particles
  • Creates a black and white dotted effect

Glass Aggregates

Glass fragments of any colour that can be added to some lime plasters to achieve highly decorative effects. It is also particularly suited for seamsless floors in terrazzo veneziano realised with our Magnesite.

  • Glass fragments of any color & various sizes
  • Can be used with many lime plaster
  • Particularly suitable for terrazzo veneziano made with Magnesite

Mother of Pearl

This powder, obtained from real sea shells, is added to plasters to produce shiny dots/glints on the surface of the finish. It comes in three sizes: fine, medium and coarse. The finest one is used with Marmorino Medium and Coarse; medium with Dilavato and coarse with Pastellone.

  • Obtained by real crushed seashells
  • Adds shiny dots to the finish

Pearl Cream

It’s a natural, water-based wax used for decorating and protecting lime-based product. It is the perfect complementary product for Stucco Lava. It comes in Silver, Gold, Bronze and Copper color.

It is applied by sponge or cloth and the yield depends on the kind of finish.

  • Decorates and protects lime-based finishes
  • Especially used on our Stucco Lava
  • It comes in Silver - Gold - Bronze - Copper
  • Used to obtain an infinite range of effects


Small flakes of silver natural mica. It is added to Marmorino medium and coarse or to Intonachino, Travertino, Calcite, Dolomia and Stars to get special decorative effects.

  • Small flakes of silver mica
  • Creates a decorative effect

Terracotta powder (fine & medium)

It is a powder made of real Terracotta that gives a terracotta look to Marmorino. It is used to impart a natural or rustic feeling to verandas, kitchens, or hallways, to go with stone or brick flooring. It comes in fine size (200 to 300 µm) for Marmorino Fine and 500µm for Marmorino Medium and Coarse. It is also used in Travertino, Lava and Pastellone.

  • Real Terracotta powder
  • Conveys a natural and rustic look
  • Used with Marmorino - Travertino - Lava and Pastellone

Ebano powder

This is a black marble fine grain additive. It is used with Pastellone and Beton Stucco to give a black dots effect. The black dots appear just after sanding the surface of the finish.

  • Black marble fine grains
  • Creates a black dots effect
  • Used with Beton Stucco and Pastellone

Milled Marble

It is composed of colored-stone soft granules, which crush under the pressure of the trowel. It comes in White, Yellow and Gray color.  It can be used with Marmorino Medium and Coarse,  Travertine, Flooring materials.

  • Soft stone granules
  • Used with Marmorino; Travertino; Flooring materials
  • It come in white; yellow or gray

Marble powder

Of the various types of marble, only a few are appropriate to make a good marmorino. This depends on the color and shape of the granules after it has been ground.

  • Ground Italian marble
  • Used with cement and lime-based plaster


Velature is a semi-transparent finish for indoor and outdoor use. It is an acryl-siloxanic emulsion, used to obtain antique-looking decorative effects.

It can be applied on smooth or rough, mineral or synthetic substrates. It has a good water repellency and becomes completely washable two weeks after the application. It is a non-toxic material, VOC (<8.38) L/A 200g/l (2010). It is used in application cycles that include Universal primer, Breathable Paint, Travertino or even Intonachino.

  • Semi-transparent acrylic-siloxanic emulsion
  • Creates antique-looking effect
  • Used on Travetino
  • Lime Paint
  • Intonachino and other lime and acrylic finishes

Phosphorescent Powder

This powder can be added to almost any lime or acrylic plaster to achieve a finish that magically glows in the dark. It is particulary suited for bars and nightclubs and for places where there should always be some light, like bathrooms or emergency exists.

  • Powder that glows in the dark
  • Can be added to almost any lime or acrylic-based material
  • Particularly suited for: nightclubs
  • bathrooms
  • emergency exits

Finishes Protection

Marseille Soap (liquid & paste)

Natural and traditional protection for Venetian Plaster. Its main property is to give a light protection from liquid and from dirt to Marmorino (Fine, Medium and Coarse); Marmorino Metallic; Beton Stucco. It comes in paste or liquid form.

  • Yield: 1 kg of paste covers 22 m² of Marmorino finishes
  • Application: by sponge and polished by soft cloth
  • Traditional protection of Marmorino
  • Ecological
  • Liquid or paste

Natural BeesWax (liquid & paste)

Natural ecologic wax made from beeswax. Used to increase the shine and the protection of: Marmorino (Fine, Medium and Coarse); Marmorino Metallic; Travertino; Dolomia; Stars.

  • Yield: 1 liter covers 22/25 m² on Marmorino, or 18/20 m² on Dolomia or Travertino
  • Application: by sponge, and polished by soft cloth like our nonwoven fabric.
  • Protects lime products
  • Ecological
  • Increases shine
  • Maintains finish's look

Metallic Natural Wax

It is a Natural BeesWax to which metallic powder is added to give an iridescent effect.

  • Protects lime products
  • Ecological
  • Increases shine
  • Adds iridescent look

Fine Wax (paste)

It is a paraffin wax paste used especially on Polished plasters (Marmorino) to protect the finish from dirt and liquids. It gives strong protection from water. It increases the shine of the finishes.

  • Yield: 1 liter covers 40 m².
  • Application: by trowel and polished by nonwoven fabric.
  • Waterproofs lime finishes
  • Strong protection
  • Increases shine
  • Maintains finish's look

Hydrocalce – waterproofer

Hydrocalce is an ecological water-based waterproofer. It has water-repellant and dirt resistant properties, and is indicated for shiny, lime-based finishes.

  • Yield: 1 liter covers 2,2 m² in three coats.
  • Application: by brush, roller or spray  in 2/3 coats.
  • Used on all lime/cement products
  • High protection from water and dirt
  • Ecological

Moroccan soap for Tadelakt (light and dark)

This natural Moroccan soap (sabon-l’beldi) is well-known for its amber color and intense olive oil scent. Its main property is to give a light protection from liquid and dirt to Tadelakt and Beton Stucco.

  • Yield:  100 grams covers 8 m²
  • Application: It has to be diluted till 5 times with water. and then applied by sponge or trowel and polished by soft cloth.
  • Protects Tadelakt and Beton Stucco
  • Traditional protection of Tadelakt
  • Ecological

Vegetable Oil Blend

This special vegetable oil blend has been designed to protect natural lime-based plasters for floor, such as our Pastellone. Being completely natural, it is particularly suitable to match the Green version of our products.

It provides discreet water repellency that can be completed by the application of our mineral wax for floors.

It comes in plastic bottles of 1 and 5 lt.

  • 100% natural vegetable oils
  • Provides discreet water repellency to lime-based finishes
  • To use on our Pastellone - Marmorino for floors
  • Perfect match for our natural products

Mineral Wax (paste)

Our Mineral Wax is a natural, water-based protection for lime and mineral-based floor finishes, such as Magnesite and Pastellone. It can be used also on particularly wet areas such as shower boxes. It ameliorates repellency to liquids and facilitates the surfaces’ cleaning.

We advise applying the Mineral Wax in combination with our Vegetable Oils Blend to protect our Ecofriendly natural plasters, for a fully natural and eco-friendly finish.

  • Natural
  • mineral
  • water-based wax
  • Protection for lime or mineral-based finishes
  • Provides liquid repellency
  • Facilitates surface cleaning
  • Perfect match for our eco-friendly stuccos
  • Specifically designed for Pastellone & Magnesite

Stucco Cleaner

It is designed to remove ordinary dirt, as well as dirt found above radiators or fireplaces.

When you wash a wall finished with Venetian Stucco there is the risk that the dirt on the surface penetrates in the stucco together with the water you use to clean it, making it irreparably dirty. Our cleaner keeps the dirt into its foam, preventing it from penetrating.

It comes in 1kg buckets.

  • Perfectly and easily cleans dirt on lime-based finishes
  • Works on black stains above fireplaces and radiators