For a perfect application of Italian & Venetian Plasters

We collect and design innovative tools for the perfect application of traditional Italian and Venetian Stuccos

In this page you’ll find a selection of professional tools for the application of Marmorino and other Italian plasters. Indeed, if you are looking for Italian plasters application tools, here you will find what you need. All Stucco Italiano’s application tools are Made in Italy, and they are designed according to the Italian plastering tradition. However, we also conceive new tools to ease the application of stuccos and to give to our customers the opportunity of working with original accessories.

Examples of our unique tools are the authentic copy of the hot iron, which we use to polish the fresco painted Marmorino, and the Moroccan stone for Tadelakt. From Stucco Italiano, you can also buy the old iron marker used to engrave the stucco to make stone-like shapes.

Stucco & Paint Application Tools

You want to learn how to apply Marmorino and the other Italian plasters?

Watch our plaster application videos

Let Stucco Italiano’s master craftsmen guide you step by step through the application of dozen of Italian plasters.

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With our experienced teachers you will learn how to apply Marmorino and dozen of other traditional and modern Italian stuccos and paints.

Italian and Venetian Plaster Application Tools

Discover Stucco Italiano’s exclusive selection of professional tools for the application of Venetian Plaster and traditional Italian stuccos. For istance, here you will find a complete kit of tools for the application of Venetian Plaster. This includes all the trowels used by Italian crafstmen in the application of the traditional Italian Marmorino. Moreover, we sell the original stone used to polish Moroccan Tadelakt, as well as a big variety of trowels and sponge floats for the application of Marmorino, Stucco Paint, Travertino, and more.